Called the “Crown Jewel of the Oregon State Park System,” Silver Falls State Park is a jaw-dropper, with its Trail of the Ten Falls. The 7.8-mile trail features 10 main falls, four of which you can walk behind. It starts with South Falls, with its thundering 177-foot curtain of water (10 feet taller than Niagara Falls). It sounds like a rocket blasting off. The trail winds all the way through the dense forest to North Falls, which blasts across the forest like a fire hose.

This portfolio shows a sampling of the falls, including South Falls (177 feet), Lower South Falls (93 feet), my favorite Middle North Falls (106 feet), a small, unnamed fall, and North Falls (136 feet). Also picture is one of my favorite flowers, Wakerobin Trillium (Trillium ovatum) which grows on the rocks. All of the waterfalls were photographed on a cold winter morning and all are rimmed in ice. The Trillium was photographed in the spring.

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