In my photographic adventures around the West I see many signs. Every once in a while I come upon one that makes me chuckle, and of course, I can’t resist stopping to capture the moment. These are a few from Southern Oregon and Northeastern California.

Do you ever wonder where all the water goes from the nearly constant rain that falls in Oregon? Wonder no more. Welcome to Drain, Oregon, gateway to the Pacific.

Welcome to Likely California, where one can imagine great potential for sign humor, like the following…

If you die after a long life in Likely, California, odds are pretty good you will end up here.


I guess they have to spray salt all over your car first, then bring in the animals? I don’t think I have that kind of patience.

Are you looking for that specific old, cranky crankshaft but can’t find it anywhere? It might be waiting here in West Linn, Oregon.

Can you guess where the cemetery is located along this road?

Why did they have to put a store for those hard-to-find anteater supplies way out in the middle of nowhere in Oakridge, Oregon? Those UC Irvine people have to take a really long drive to get supplies for their mascot—I am sure I have never seen an anteater supply store in Orange County. Good thing it’s open on weekends.

This sign is only funny once you learn that this winery in Crow, Oregon was named by the founder for the “curious shape of the land.” If you’re interested, you can click here to see what he meant.

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