Heart Rock waterfall can be found on Seeley Creek in Crestline, California in the San Bernardino Mountains. It is located in a part of Crestline known as the Valley of Enchantment, near Camp Seeley, which was featured  in the 1998 Disney remake of the  movie, “The Parent Trap.” At the bottom of the trail to Heart Rock there is a large pool in which people swim during the summer. However, before you go down the steep trail to reach the pool, walk around an outcropping of rocks to the right at the top of a cliff and you will see a beautiful natural sight—a 7-foot wide, heart-shaped pool that has been carved into a solid rock cliff by the force of water. A waterfall often flows next to the heart, and when Seeley Creek is full, the waterfall also flows through the heart.

Local stories say that Native Americans saw it as a sacred place because of the heart shape, but I doubt it, because it is unlikely that they visualized the shape of a heart in this way.

The trailhead for Heart Rock is at 34°15’26.56″N 117°18’21.24″W (paste these coordinates into either Google or Google Earth). Heart Rock is about a half-mile north of the trailhead along the trail on Seeley Creek at 34°15’35.46″N 117°18’19.75″W

All photos ©Lee Reeder

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