Winning Grants: Get it Right Before You Write

When non-profit organizational leaders are talking with me about grant funding, I often hear them make statements like this: “We need to get a grant soon or the board is going to have to lay off half of our education department.” While that might the painful, truthful reality of why … Read More

Doing What You Love

I have always loved something about every job I’ve every had. When I was an Army scout platoon sergeant it was sneaking a patrol right up to an old stone border marker at 2 in the morning and startling a squad of East German solders on the other side out … Read More

Overcoming Writer’s Block

I suffered from writer’s block the other day. That’s not a good thing, considering that I write for a living. If it had lasted for too long it could have been very bad for business. The problem is that it happens to me all the time—usually a few times a … Read More

Composition: More Than Rules

When photographers begin talking about composition technique, one of the first things that comes up is the rule of thirds. It has long been a standard in photographic composition. Using this simple, wonderful tool can help photographers create spectacular images. It can also make them miss the point—what is most … Read More

Getting Started on That Book

That book has been in the back of your mind for years and it is finally coming to the fore. You know how to do something that is truly transformative, you have the proven methods to make it work, and you want to share it with other people so they … Read More

Search Engine Optimization: Words Matter

I have had many people come to me for search engine optimization services armed with loads of complex plans and schemes they believe they are supposed to be following, based on what they’ve found doing internet research. When I get into those meetings I feel like a doctor whose patient … Read More

Writing As Other People

As a ghostwriter, I often get questions about the craft from other writers and editors who are considering venturing into this mysterious corner of the writing profession as they strike out on their own. What is ghostwriting? How is ghostwriting different from any other writing you do for clients? What … Read More

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