Getting Started on That Book

That book has been in the back of your mind for years and it is finally coming to the fore. You know how to do something that is truly transformative, you have the proven methods to make it work, and you want to share it with other people so they … Read More

Ghostwriters: Writing As Other People

As a ghostwriter, I often get questions about the art not only from prospective clients but also from other writers and editors who are considering venturing into this mysterious corner of the writing profession as they strike out on their own. What differentiates ghostwriting from any other writing you do … Read More

Wildlife Presentation UCR Botanic Gardens

I was recently asked by the management of the University of California Riverside Botanic Gardens to create and host a presentation for their docent trainees highlighting the common and not-so-common wildlife that can be found in the gardens. On this page is a video of my PowerPoint presentation, featuring photos … Read More

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